Euró-Higiénia Kft.

Our firm is a small enterprise available on a national plan since 1993. We import only goods related to Europe and to hygiene. Our place on the market is determined by products like: disproof of wall moldiness, air disinfection, environmental hygiene (for example: prevention and disproof of graffiti signs etc.), techniques of sticking and packing and electric traps for bugs.

We don’t deal only with import but also with the retail sales. Some of our products are directly bought by our customers.

Our merchandise and information systematically reach the food industry, the design and construction industry. We have an extensive online connection with the population. The terms of quick service are given.

Order fulfillment is managed in our head office (located 2040 Budaors, Munkacsy u. 9) and completed from our warehouse (located in Budapest, district# XVI). Our just-in-time inventory management system allows for fast order delivery. Euro-Higenia Kft employs a professional express courier service that provides high level expedited delivery. Alternatively, upon special request, in-person pickup can also be arranged at the warehouse.

In our WEBSHOP, which can be found on the first page of our website, there is a place where interested people can find new information day and night.

Contact us:

2040 Budaörs, Munkácsy u. 9.
Tel: +36 23 611 384

Launch attack on the wall moldiness! Disproof of wall moldiness – anti wall moldiness agents

Defending yourself from wall moldiness is easy with the help of EUROPAL. EUROPAL is reliable, long-term solution - hygiene, health, aesthetics.

Penetrating primer that increases fungicide: EUROPAL 60 diluted with water, with fungicidal effect, 5 liters on a 40-60 m 2 wall

Increasing fungicidal mold cleansing agent: EUROPAL ‘EAK’ Antifungal concentrate, can be diluted with water, around 2,5 liters to a 180 m 2 wall

Extra strong EUROPAL 2000 antifungal and mold-disproof wall paint , water based, white, 1 and 12 kg

Extra strong EUROPAL 77 antifungal and mold-disproof wall paint, solvent based, white 12 kg

STOP mold, moss, algae killer spray, 250, 500 and 1000 ml, and 5 and 10 liter refill

MOLD REMOVAL long-acting 500 ml spray without chlorine-free

For anti-mold and mold localization solutions, for treatment and rehabilitation 1000ml, 5 and 10 liters.

STOP mold inhibiting highly concentrated additive, 100ml, 5 liters

If you don’t want to take action against mold (because you don’t have enough time, you’re not capable of, you trust the specialists and you’re willing to pay the right specialist while you do some other stuff etc.) and you’re willing to use a mold eradication service, then send us a message, and we will gladly send you our price list about our services that imply mold disproof.

Air and surface disinfection- disinfection of airspace

FUMISPORE bactericidal and fungicidal smoke cartridges against proliferated airborne mold and bacteria spores

Graffiti removal and prevention- Protection against grafitti

  • Anti-graffiti remover product 500 and 1000 ml spray, in version of 5 and 10 liters
  • Anti-graffity-Finish protective coating 1,5,10, and 30 liters packings·
  • Anti-graffity protective lacquer(A+B) 1000ml carrier component protective-coating for non-porous surfaces like metal, marble, polished stone, lacquered wood, tiles, plastic, etc.

Wall treatments- walls cleaning, nitrate removal, stone care

  • Nitrate-removal for natural stone, clinker, brick, concrete, plaster: 1000 ml
  • Facade and stone cleaner concentrate sensitive to acid and reactive to alkaline: 1000 ml, in packs of 5-10-30 liters
  • S-E-1 leachant for cleaning external facades, floors and walls (contaminated with nicotine, greasy soot, sulfur dioxide, heating oil) 100,500 gr and 5kg units
  • ISOL isolating salt for interior gypsum plaster against efflorescence , 200,500 gr and 5kg units
  • ISOL insulator against efflorescence, 500,1000ml, 5 and 10 liter versions
  • Cement residue remover and calcium dissolving concentrate: 1000 ml

Special cleaners for cleaner environments

  • Galvan and zinc cleaner for galvanized surfaces in 1000ml and 5 liter units.
  • OXID wood restoring powder(whitening and renewing indoor and outdoor wood surfaces)300 and 700 gr
  • DIP dispersion stains remover ( old, dried stains): 250,750 ml and 5 liter versions
  • Glue Remover: each bandage (e.g. flooring residues) solution: 250, 750 ml and 5 liter units
  • Oil and grease remover paste for artificial stone, garage floor 250ml tube
  • Multi-purpose Cleaner (all impurities are dissolved from the substrate) 1000 ml spray bottle
  • Industrial and workshop purpose cleaner units of 1000ml
  • Special 1000ml plastic cleaner
  • Eco-friendly brush cleaner and paint remover 250,750 ml and 5 liter versions
  • Paint corrosive paste SE-2 700ml:biodegradable, environmentally friendly, short time action, does not require washing after

Wide range of electric insect traps


Hot melt adhesives

In the food industry and other areas, in almost every form of appearance as hot melt granules, hot melt cubes, hot melt pads(small and big pillows).
  • adhesives for paper labels, plastic labels with endless or short open time
  • packing adhesives with different viscosity for carton packing, paper tray corner gluing
  • specific types for specific food industry sectors, for example specialized area of refrigeration carton closing
  • high initial power adhesive types(hot tack)
  • system cleaner and less material per unit demand, more efficient varieties(polyolefin)
  • palletizing adhesives for carton cargo formation
  • Adhesives for canned soft drinks, for gluing milk and wine pourers.
  • filter adhesives for example for making air filters
  • display adhesives
  • hot-melt system cleaning and cleansing agent to clean equipment, made from natural raw materials, completely biologically degradable
  • Various adhesive remover to remove adhesive residues (e.g. CLEANER FORTE, GEIGER, etc.)

Electric glue guns: for hobby,craft,industrial applications, to different purpose, with different performance

Hot-melt glue sticks

  • universal hot-melt glue sticks for craftsman, handyman,tinkering with a wide color range. Can be used in the food industry and elsewhere.
  • variable melting temperatures , viscosities, working temperatures, with wider ranges of time(short, medium and long term)
  • different raw materials(EVA= ethylene vinyl acetate, polyolefin, PO=polyolefin, PA= polyacrylate )
  • diameters adapted to the electric glue guns for demanded dimensions: 8mm, 12 mm and 43 mm diameters( the last two are so called industrial glue sticks)
  • many fields of application:( labeling, assembly seal sticking, carton closing, corner sticking, straws bonding, etc.),craft industries, flower arrangements, timber industry, padding and covering, decoration, wiring, sealing, electronic production( component productions, power circuit cementations, etc.) display manufacturing, automotive gluing(dashboard, covers, headlights, lights, dent repair, etc.), books, and a lot of other using possibilities.

Liquid (so called cold) adhesives

For the first time in the food industry, for light and heavy label sticking, on cold, warm, dry and wet surfaces (hot and cold filling) for glass, plastic, metal or paper. The task can be belly- , neck- , front-, or back labeling ( indoor and outdoor) and seal posting, closing cartons, or temporary connections of the pallets(anti slip).

Label adhesives

+For Glass and PET bottles or for different types of universal consistency, washable varieties.
+ PET, PE, PVC, PP bottles, and cans, plastic ,cannot be washed off types
+versions of seal adhesives
+so called transparent clear adhesives (clear glue)
Paper box glues, paper glues, membrane adhesives, poster glues with different moisture resistance for so called carton cargo formation: LEIM-JET SYSTEM





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